Gender difference in Selfie-related behavior: Female are more likely to capture and post selfies than male?

Selfie-related behavior is omnipresent in current society. Taking and posting selfie is a main way of self-prestation. people capture and post their selfies everywhere on social apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Although the number of female’s photo always higher than male’s photo on the home page of Instagram, some males capture and post more selfies than females especially as competitive strategy. Gender difference also is a factor that affect selfie-related behavior. There are some relative information that I found from the article “A social cognitive approach to traditional media content and social media use: Selfie-related behavior as competitive strategy” by StefanoneM et al.

            There is an online survey, it was conducted at a large Northeastern University, in the StefanoneM et al’ s article and the result shows that the average of male posting (M=7.49) is higher than female(M=2.08) (Stefanone et al., 2018). Although the majority of participant were man in the survey, the average of male posting and female posting still have a large difference after calculated in percentage. Thus, it partially supported my argument that male posting more than female. In the aspect of frequency of selfie capturing, even the authors mentioned females did not differ from males in frequency of selfie capturing, it slightly higher if you see the data. There has an interesting phenomenon in the article that female has lower standard deviation than male which means the number of capturing selfies of every woman is almost in same range. Unlike male, some of them takes extremely higher volume of selfie and some of them very less. Even in this situation male still has a slightly higher average of capturing selfies than female and Male also has higher frequency of capturing selfies if calculated in percentage. Similarly, it totally supported my argument that male capturing more than female.      

            Speaking of the competition, it is an inherent part of human behavior particularly for male. male usually do not like to compete with female. However, in some situation like competition on social apps, people compete with content to get “likes” or headline on social apps or media no matter the gender difference just like GarciaSM et al mentioned in there article that “competition distinguishes individual from situational factors of social comparison” (GarciaSM et a 2013).

            In conclusion, some male capture and post a lot more selfies than female and I personally think that gender difference exists in selfie-related behavior especially as competitive strategy. The authors mentioned in the article that females show the tendency to care more about their self-presentation on the social media and Man have lower levels of body dissatisfaction than women (Stefanone et al., 2018), and according to @cnyau said in his article, women naturally care about their self-image. Gender difference exist and it is an important factor.


  1. If male capture and post a lot more selfies than female and lower levels of body dissatisfaction have to do with it, why do you think some females have many pictures uploaded? Does that indicate that they have higher sense of satisfaction with themselves?


  2. Interesting topic! I never thought of selfie-related behaviour as a competitive strategy. As you have mentioned, I do agree with you that males tend to take less selfie as they have lower levels of body dissatisfaction than women. However, as social media is continuously becoming viral and affective in our social lives, the number of men taking selfies is increasing for the benefits of self-satisfaction.


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