Competition and negative psychological effects

In the article “Demolishing the Competition: The Longitudinal Link between Competitive Video Games, Competitive Gambling, and Aggression” by Adachi and Willoughby which talks about Video game competition, the authors affirm that video game competition is the greatest effect on aggression in the short-term, not violence. After reading this article, I believe that Competition will bring about negative psychological effects.

Using game as an example, Adachi and Willoughby have done many experiments to validate their idea that competition in games is the main reason for the effect on aggression and not the violent elements of the game. The article says, “Having someone continuous obstructing one’s goal of winning may lead to frustration and hostility, which, in turn, may lead to elevations in aggression.” I believe many people have felt in the same mood before. The constant failure in competitions cause an individual to become irritable, and the desire for victory turns urgent. Imagine your mental state when you start a new round of game again after constantly losing?

Nelson and Dawson’s research from an educational point of view also suggests that competition cause people to lose curiosity. As @scrv1001 says, “competition weakens our intrinsic curiosity but strengthens obsession with winning,” I agree with on his point that people’s desire for victory in competition has been distorted, which fully illustrates the negative impact of competition on people’s psychology.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing your response. I found it interesting how you mentioned that competition in games are the causes of aggression, not the actual game itself. Since you said competition will bring about ‘negative’ psychological effects in gaming, did you come across any positive psychological effects while reading the article? What do you think?


  2. Thanks for your post, you made a lot of interesting points! I agree that competition in gaming brings negative psychological effects. What do you think content creators could do to prevent this? Competition, however, is a major theme in many forms of media. Do you think there’s another concept they could focus on instead?


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