Competition in Election: Is is really what people want?

Competition is important, competition is everywhere and competition can be found in various kinds of situations that have been discussed through the lectures. In the article written by Brunell and Clarke, they draw our attention to another important filed that competition plays an important rule, election. Based on the results of their research, they have stated that competition is a favorable choice for individuals even if the party they support might lose. The statement they make bring me to think about the importance electoral competition and I finally agree with them that competition is indispensable in election.

In the survey mentioned in the article, participants were given 3 choices about whether they want to live in a electoral district where the party they support will win the election with no doubt or not. Surprisingly ,the result shows that almost half of the participants agree that they want a close competition rather than a win with no doubt. Also, in the article, they mentioned that competitive elections lead to more responsive government, which gives an explanation of why people want the election to be more competitive. Voters want to see competition between parties because to win the election, parties need to give promise to their voters. The higher level of competition election carries, the more promises will be made by the parties, and voters can be better “represented”. In other words, competition motivates voter to be involved in political election.

Similar to what Nelson and Dawson pointed out in their article, more competition between artist brings creativity because competition motivates them to create more. Also, according to @tose1028 ‘s article, competition works as a trigger that it gives motivation. No matter who wins in the election, as long as competition exists, people will have the motivation to be involved. Thus, competition is indispensable to election since it makes voters feel like they are needed and to get them involved in political activities. Without the existence of competition, there is no need of election.




  1. Your point of view is very interesting. The analysis of the article is also very good and comprehensive.I agree that elections are necessary because they can bring greater benefits to people. At the same time, I would like to ask it is impossible to do all this in a cooperative way without elections.


  2. Thank you for mentioning me in your article, and excellent response. I agree that competition is absolutely necessary for elections as that in itself is a process required for true democracy to be reached. Election hence could be interpreted as a political arena in which we see some sort of public formation of views and agenda. What do you think about that?


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