Reading Response: How Garcia et al.’s Article Compares with Molina et al.’s

Garcia et al.’s article emphasizes the individual and situational issues that influence how comparisons are drawn among people, and how they increase competition. Individual issues entail competitors, association to competitors, and different other dimensions. On the other hand, situational factors entail issues such as the number of people competing, closeness to a standard, and incentive structures. The paper by Garcia et al. (2013) explains how individual and situational factors are related and tries to reach out to other societies by making their study relevant to them. The article was written to establish a new model that would permit various fields and branches of psychology, as well as other social sciences to gain from the research done on the social comparison perspective of competition (Garcia et al., 2013).

I think the papers by Garcia et al. and Molina et al. incorporate an impartial approach to other articles by sharing the opinions without revealing their beliefs to the audience. For instance, Molina et al. (2017) inform that competition and cooperation mutually coexist, which compete with one another as they both originate from human history. More so, I think Garcia et al. and Hutcheon (as in katechecknita4023’s post) equally have some similarities. Katechecknita4023 did exemplary work in explaining the term ‘agon,’ and comparing its acceptance and application as informed by Hutcheon. Katechecknita4023 explains that the term refers to a gathering, which suggests the social comparison that leads to competition, as explained in the article by Garcia et al. (2013).

      Altogether, the article by Garcia et al. highlights very limited resemblances to the research articles that were previously discussed in the course. Rather than presenting an opinion piece as in the articles by Hutcheon and Bateson or a general view like in the paper by Molina et al., the article by Garcia et al. establishes a new framework to benefit other academicians and researchers.

work cited

Garcia, S. M., Tor, A., & Schiff, T. M. (2013). The psychology of competition: A social comparison perspective. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 8(6), 634-650.

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  1. Personally I think Garcia et al and Hutcheon are talking about different things in regards to competition. Gracia et al stresses how individual and situational factor leads to social comparison which in turn increases competitiveness. Hutcheon however emphasize on how competition hinders academia learning and that, instead of researching for knowledge it is slowly becoming a gathering where crushing others is becoming the main goal. Maybe you can offer a bit more insight on the similarity which the two paper share?

    Thank for the insightful response!


  2. Thanks to Rosalynnie for this profound response. I have the same understanding as above. Although both articles are talk about competition, I personally think that Molina et al’s article describes more from human evolution and Garcia et al ‘s article expresses in academic area especially on social comparison perspective from individual and situational factors. However, both article in conclusion hope audience to think from different aspects that cooperation and competition can coexist ,and the new framework from Garcia et al’s article are very well-written for the society.

    Thank again for the very detailed response.


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