Political parties can be compared to the films. Each one of them represents the vision of the proper structure of life that citizens need to have. Each member of the party is a political actor. Their job is to built trust between themselves and citizens. Just like the audience wants to be identified with characters from movies, voters on the elections wants to find the politician, who will be able to represent and protect his/her values to the country. The aim of this article is to introduce a question which can be researched in the future. How the relationship between parties shapes citizen`s behavior? How the behavior and trust between politicians effects to the relationship between citizens? Such a topic was inspired by the work Political Competition, Partisanship and Interpersonal Trust in Electoral Democracy which was done by Ryan E. Carlin and Gregory J. Love.

The answer to such a question will help us to see, If trust which is created between and inside parties, will positively affect the trust between citizens. Then more people understand each other than less there are distractions in society.

Before bringing any thoughts on this topic, it is vital to ask, Who is a «Political Actor»? It is a politician who uses her/his authority and power to engage with society. That could be done through the media (social media), posters, TV shows and so on. Political actors aim is to show that government concerns about people like me. That means, that parties should be formed from people with different genders, races, ages. They should build trust inside of their groups. However, then more diverse the company/ party, than more chance to see distrust in it. Such a notion was explained in the game presented in already mentioned <em>Carlins work. One more example can be seen from the Ilon Mask interview, where he explains, that US politics forces him to hire only Americans. He complains, that government thinks that diversity is going to bring a distrust. .

How people around the country can trust each other more if politicians with different cultural and social backgrounds don`t show trust to each other? This is a big question, that I hope will be researched more.




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