One of the main topics that Michael. A. Stefanone, Zhiying Yue, Zena Toh discuss in their article, is that how selfies help to control your appearance. By editing your photos, choosing the angle for the camera, you decide what the public is going to see. Social media users compete for attention. The fine physical and fashionable look became a piece of vital evidence, that you are successful. By putting yourself in the shoes of the celebrity it helps you to feel more accomplished.  However, what are the negative and positive effects of this modern trend, for teenagers and those who are in their 20th? The work «A social cognitive approach to traditional media content and social media use: Selfie-related behavior as a competitive strategy» inspired me to raise the question, of how selfies can actually predict or destroy your success.

Making selfies 

Positive effects

You are posting the version of yourself, that you would love to be. Selfie gives you an opportunity to fake reality for a while. «Fake it, till you make it». The limitation of this notion is that there is no statistic evidence on how selfies force you to change to the better self. That is something that should be researched in the future. However, there is an article Fake it till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram which explores how pretending to be your dream self on Instagram helped to actually become successful.

Negative effects

Social media users focus on producing instead of the content because it is easier. They start to fake their abilities and hard work. From personal experience, I saw a plethora of examples, when some of the Instagram accounts pretend to be professionals in the film industry, while they even didn`t have high skills. For instance, some of them made a photo of how they worked on the script even though it was the first time they took a pan to write a story. They picture themselves from the future instead of focusing on the result today and actually write a script. Some of them got into depression because they couldn’t face reality, that they are not still the person, that they posted online.



  1. Hi liliyaroys! I really like how you framed your reading response of positive and negative effects when making selfies. I can definitely see how pretending to be your dream self on Instagram helped people to actually become successful. As many people edit their pictures or pretend to be someone their not to become a fashion blogger or enhance their makeup with face tune, or enhance their pictures a lot which helps them gain a lot of followers and get noticed by their feed. As for the negative effects, I agree that pretending to be someone you’re not can lead to depression. As there is so much social comparison on social media nowadays, many people may try to edit their photos to look a certain way that they’re not that not only leads to a false reality but also may cause harmful effects such as depression or anxiety when wanting to look a certain way. Do you think the negative effects of social media will become worse as the popularity of social media increases?

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  2. Hello! Thanks for raising up the positive and negative affects of selfie’s on social media in your blog – it was an excelled read. Most of your discussion is regarding the effects of social comparison through selfies on the individual, but I’d like to question how it affects larger communities. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the negative mental issues that can come from looking at someone’s edited online version of themselves. But, I think there is something harmful when all you’re seeing on social media is a fake portrayal over everyone’s lives. It may make the user feel worse about their own life.

    As your blog addressed, and @selinae1‘s comment mentioned, there are very harmful effects for both the individual and the community as a whole. Do you think there should be any restrictions to the level of misinformation on social media? How should we try solving the issues that come from fake social media personalities and photos?


  3. Hi! I really enjoy reading your article! I like how you talk about both positive and negative effects of making selfies. In addition, I think the negative effect can also have an impact on other people, since when we look at other people’s “great” life on instagram or facebook, we feel somehow jealous and this will eventually lead to mental health issues.


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