Privacy on Social Media

Church and Thambusamy used Facebook as their main social network in this article. Facebook was the top social media site for most young adults but slowly the focus has changed towards other social media such as snapchat and instagram for the future generation of young adults. All these social media sites have one thing is common which is an unspoken competition of followers. They may be named different things such as ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ but both have the same meaning. People become influenced that this competition is a necessary part of their lives and as an entrance fee a certain amount of privacy must be given up. An exception to this are meme pages where people become famous hiding behind funny images and giving up no privacy or personal information. Giving up personal information online is also not necessarily giving the true personal information as people can manipulate images in photoshop or only show one perspective. Much like a movie set, the camera shows a picture but we cannot see all the people and tricks used behind the camera. Through social media careers can be made by showing certain parts of their personal information and lives but at the same time careers can be destroyed when showing the wrong personal information or showing it through a bad perspective.

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  1. Thank you for your reading response!
    I agree with you in that the competition of followers exists in all the social media. Even though the number of followers don’t mean how popular a user is in a real life, many people care about it.
    Do you think that even if the number of followers is not shown on social media, other forms of social comparison on SNS will appear?


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