Selfie Related Behaviour as Competitive Strategy

This intriguing study by Michael A Stefanone, Zhiying Yue and Zena Toh, makes an interesting comparison between reality television (RTV) and selfie related behaviour. They describe a setting where reality TV promotes competitive and self absorbed behaviour, which is directly reflected in it’s viewers, who display more selfie related behaviour as it fulfills this competitive and egocentric desire that RTV encourages.

The study is extended further by discussing the posting and editing of these selfies, and how our perception of self worth hinges on how we look in selfies, and whether they are “good” enough to be shared. The study also showed that women and men take roughly the same amount of selfies, but post fewer of them, showing that they are more selective in what they choose to post.

The study concludes that content in traditional media has a strong influence on how we use and interact with new media such as social media

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