How Can Myth and Stress fit into the Same Box?

The two articles relevant to the subject of economic competition are the “Myths of Capitalism Part 2” by Tepper, and “How stressful are economic competition in the lab” by Bucker.

Myths of Capitalsm, reverberates on the idea that “American cooporations are winning their war on capitalism”, meaning that larger companies are overdominating the market, and the small companies that are able to diverge and innovate are left to be unnoticed. In my opinon, I agree with the articles argument that larger dominating companies are leaving the smaller companies and the customers at a great loss. In the medical field there is a huge range of specializations, each being able to be perfect at their specific niche, this is also the case in shanghai, where each vendor has it’s own and uniquely perfected creation. This individuality also sets companies a part like starbucks treating it’s workers well in addition to its customers. Walmart being affordable and actually highly efficient in their supply chain.

The relevancy of this article is clearly shown in the examples and structure utilized in this article. It is clear that it uses a huge and vast majority of examples from many different kinds of retailers, to present to the audience. By providing such a huge variety it allows a high chance of the audience recognizing a name and becoming further invested in the ideas of what the article has to say. In addition, but talking about over arching companies that crush smaller ones, it touches directly on the business world, which is highly applicable to all fields, as all fields require some form of business and economic sustainability to function.

In being so relatable to business, this article can directly relate to the theme of this week, being business, which I find can be used to reinforce and act as further evidence to progress any form of competition. Meaning, that by having knowledge that diversification and specialization can be highly valueable, it can better be applied to the business environement of today.

In connecting the the second reading “How stressfull are economic competition in a lab”, I believe it’s finding can further reinforce the business world.

The main findings of the article, were that economic related competition, and the participants voluntary attitude in participating, can be more highly stressful.

Once again, these findings can be applied to business as they are in a sense specifying that a person’s passions must lie in the values of what the company stands for. In this case if one is in a business firm, than one must likely voluntarily want to be their and not for economic reasons, to better cope with the stresses that the job entails. I believe that this is true, as my parents have often explicitly explained that I should end up working doing something I love, as it better helps you get through hard times. The very structure of this lab is clear, that is a specified kind of writing style, aimed to better focus and explain to a certain audience and provide value to a certain niche, which works better for certain purposes.


  1. Hi @indiacoates, thank you so much for the post. I really like the idea of trying to bring the articles together and it surely worked. I am a bit left behind on the main findings of the second article reading, “How stressful are economic competition in the lab” I find your statement to be more general and not applicable to all the findings in the article because not all the participants responded to competition in a stressful manner. According to the measurements in the hormone cortisol which is a major stress hormone it showed that the levels of the hormone decreased in both participants.

    Once again great post!!!


  2. Hey @indiacoates, i really enjoyed reading this article. i like how it highlights important aspects of the business world around us of which two highly gained my interest due to their importance. Firstly, it is stated in the article that an individual working in a business should be out of passion so they can work on what they love and therefore become efficient and of more value. Secondly, capitalism while it has many benefits it also has many negatives of which a big one is crushing smaller companies which are diverse and may have more innovative ideas to offer but can’t operate in a harsh capitalistic environment.


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