Competition is Dying and Taking Capitalism With Capitalism

Broken Markets Create Broken Politics, is the restoration of the free trade possible

Capitalism is the ideal of a free market, where individual companies compete to make the most profit from the targeted marketed segment. Competition thrives in this ideology because  each company strives to self-improve and gain the majority market audience. It has come to the attention that in the current society, the ideal is being morphed due to the bribery of legislators and regulators. Large companies are able to pursue this tactic and control in public by supplying large donations. In addition, this kind of pattern generates the death of the ideal of capitalism as large firms stay large, and the little ones are over powered. Such that, the government is supposed to allow for free trade by ensuring that large companies do not override small companies in pursuit of greed, however if the very establishment used to referee the playing field is being puppeteered by large companies, this poses a great threat to the sustainability of the current western ideal.

                    This paper introduces the comments above by providing a current event, and example of the kind of treatment that large companies are able to proceed in doing without any or large consequences. Its structure then progresses to talking about the environment of which this example functions in, the ideal that now large firms are able to dominate due to lack of competition, and the idea of a broken market and its effects in causing broken politics. It concludes that the environment is evolving back into dictatorial means from the once capital environment, and the need for its restoration. This structure of the paper at the first glance appears somewhat confusing as it appears to start off with a completely different topic from which it begun. However, taking a closer look, it is clear that by providing a current event that most people agreed on, was an atrocity, and with that could later extend the audience’s agreement from the example to the explanation of the ideologies.

                    In comparison to all papers previously assigned in class, all spoke about how collaboration was the key behind competition. However, in this paper it discusses the need for its revitalization. The relevancy of this article to today, is whether the very idea that competition is the route to go is still valid. The paper talks about history of how the Americans wanted separation from the British to be able to set up free trade. Now it appears that the very definition of free trade has changed due to the overtly dominant companies in specific industries, hence the need for a re-diversification of options in hopes to create a polar to a dictatorial system.

                    Furthermore the relevance of this article is which belief system the audience believes in, capitalism or communism(dictatorship), and its affect on the kind of market is within the economic ecosystem today. This increases relevancy, as this is still a current debate on how the world should be run. The credibility of this article is within the very targeted audience it wishes to reach. By being provided to an audience who is in support of capitalism, it allows the paper credibility as it is based on intangible values of that system.

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