How Garcia et al compare to Molina et al and Hutcheon

Garclia et al’s paper is a research paper, focusing on the individual and situational factors which cause comparisons to be drawn between people and with it, increase competitiveness. The paper was created with the intention of creating a new model to allow different fields and sub fields of psychology and other social sciences to benefit from the research done in regards to the social comparison perspective of competition.

Garcia et al and Molina et al both take a neutral approach to papers, presenting their research without imposing their personal beliefs onto the readers. Garcia et al and Hutcheon also share some similarities. katechecknita4023 did a great job comparing how the term agon and its decent, as described by Hutcheon, from meaning a gathering, to a connotation of contest parallelled the social comparison leading to competition in the paper by Garcia et al.

Overall, the paper by Garcia et al shares very few similarities with the papers previously reviewed in the course. Instead of an opinion piece (such as Bateson or Hutcheon) or an overview (such as Molina et al), it creates a new framework for the benefit of other scholars.

Link to katechecknita4023’s post:

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