Reading Response To Why Do We Believe In Competition By Tobias Werron (Week 3/4).

Competition Increase Productivity.

Defining the term ‘competition’ is complex task!, Yes; This is because I think there is no exact words or phrase that give its true definition. An activity, condition or an event can be used to define competition, however the three articles we discussed in class have made me perceived competition to be more of a condition than an actual activity where an individual or a group has to emerge victorious.

Bateson on her speech about the myths of independence and competition put more emphasis on interdependence rather than giving us the clear definition of competition. She makes an argument by giving evidences that come from across all discipline, however, I find her manipulative because her arguments leave no room for individual thinking. The idea that human start being dependent from infancy to adulthood clearly indicate how she tries to persuade her audience to believe that competition is unhealthy and should never be there at in the first place. Bateson also uses rhetoric questions to counter argue her audience’s pre-existing ideas on subject in question, which make me think of her argument as a one sided story. Interdependence con go wrong at times, for instance, speaking of interdependency; conformity leads to loss of one’s self and values.

Unfortunately I find ‘Rhetoric and competition’ an article by Hutcheon where she addresses the constant negative energy from the experts in academia; directed to their counterparts as less showing of a competition, otherwise I would think of her arguments as more direct and pinpointed to individuals which clearly define conflict rather than a competition. An example of a woman giving a paper that attacks recent failures of her colleague, and getting applauded by audiences which comprised of team of scholars, Jane Tompkins; shows contrast when we put competition as the subject of the matter in this case. Her arguments instead outlines conflict.

The economic model used by T. Werron, whereby market achieves its equilibrium through healthy and indirect striving by suppliers to win over consumers as the real definition of competition makes a lot more sense, however, Werron later states that competition does not include anyone winning and losing and competitors do not have to directly interact; which makes me question whether or not there is competition in sports?

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