Link to a podcast relevant to the Hutcheon reading

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I thought I would share this podcast I found that discusses mental illness and school because it relates to the Hutcheon reading. At one point, it talks about the negative psychological impact that highly competitive and strenuous classes can have on students, and questions if this method of teaching is really necessary or conducive to academic and professional success. I found it quite interesting and relevant to class discussions. (FYI it’s about 20 minutes long.)


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  1. SUPER interesting to hear this being discussed for students and their mental health- Hutcheon brings up the problem that competition can pose to academic communities in terms of publishing papers and responding to them. To me, is more related to the later years of university, or graduate school, and is still obviously very interesting and important to talk about, but the podcast tackles the shock that highschoolers get when moving from highschool to university, and the extreme competition that comes with it. The impact on mental health is also something Hutcheon doesn’t directly address in her essay, so I really enjoyed hearing how the podcast tackled this.

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