The development of the relationships between Newspapers and parties under the environment of social competition. ( reading response of LeeSH-2016-When Ideology Meets The Bottom Line-AsianJ Communication) by Flo




    There are four subjects in this article ——social competitive environment, newspapers, parties and citizens. As market competition intensified(the change of social competitive environment), conservative bias increased. Because conservative bias was positively associated with the ideological mood of the conservative group (citizens), newspaper can catch readers’ interests by carrying stronger conservative bias. All of this will lead to more conservative social reformation which add insight into the prevalence of partisanship in today’s media environment.

     This essay shows enough evidence to express the relationship among these four subjects and finds there are mutual effects between citizens and newspapers.

Firstly, Amid a growing concern on the quality of journalism, partisanship of news media is one of the most pressing issues to be addressed. Ideologically charged news content doesn’t  only generate public cynicism and distrust in news media, but also threats democratic decision making process by fragmenting the public.

Secondly, when citizens are always surrounded by conservative thoughts, their political tendency will be changed to a great extend. So based on this, confirmatory bias creates ideological demand.Ideological bias plays a key role for new media rot correspond to that demand. 

     Apart from the conservative bias, I want to deep the the relationship of four subjects——social competitive environment, newspaper, parties and citizens. In china, only the Communist Party(CPC) can come to power. Based on this , all the newspapers should follow the policy and direction of CPC. People’s political tendency is the same as the Party because of uniqueness.So, there is a harmony among newspapers, the party and citizens. According to the study of this essay ‘As market competition intensified(the change of social competitive environment), conservative bias increased’, we find that the development of economy has a direct relationship with conservative bias( citizen’s thoughts). However, it seems there is no thoughts change for Chinese when economy increased. Whether Chinese mainstream thought is a kind of conservative bias? Meanwhile , why Chinese revenue doesn’t go down when the essay gives information about ‘the revenue decreased as conservative newspapers carried stronger conservative bias’.I plan to figure out the answer.

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