How stressful are economic competitions in the lab? (reading response to BuckertM_etal-2017-How Stressful Are Economic Competitions In The Lab-JEconomic Psychology) by Flo

punch through laptop     This essay is totally different from the articles we read before. Usually, writers use different theories to introduce the development of competition in different fields concerning the background, advantages, disadvantages and so on. However, this essay is based on a lab experiment to find the answer whether or not economic competitions in the laboratory indeed elicit physiological stress reactions. The writing method of it is asking the question, introducing how to plan to solve the problem, doing the experiment, finding the answer and analyzing. Papers based on experiments are more persuasive.

     According to the survey, we can find that positive psychological cues are befefial to competition. Even though the social competition environment can make people more stressful to some extent, we still have to admit the advantages of it which helps us be more aggressive and self-defined.If we generally regard the stress of economic competitions in lab is low level, then, in real economic competition environment, we are supposed to define the level of stress as middle-high. The lab set makes other unfixed influencing factors disappear and keep the experimental environment from being disturbed which shows the ideal situation.

      From the perspective of our daily life instead of academic theory, in real economic competitive environment, if we want to be a successful competitor, we have to be confident about ourselves firstly which shows the confidence about our abilities. Then, we are supposed to be positive while facing the competitive environment, helping us be easier to adapt to the society from both physical and mental sides. Last but not least, we’d better know more about our stress level and change our attitudes and actions as time goes by.

    This experiment is in economic area, however, the scope of the conclusion could be used in many fields such as education competition, sports competition, music competition and so on( almost all the social area).

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