Competition in educational area (reading response of NelsonR&DawsonP-2017 Competition Education&Assessment Assessment&EvaluationInHigherEducation)by Flo

download   In this essay, the writers intend to figure out whether competition in education is good or bad. By using philosophical methods, the history and the contemporary trend will be compared and new thinking ways are going to be developed. Their contention is that an understanding of competition has never been stable and absolute, but is mutable according to the context.

    We have to admit that competition is the basic logic of education nowadays.The academic research on education competition has reflected the process between “spirit”(advantages) and “evil” (disadvantages) in education competition area, from discussing its rationality, reflecting on its advantages and disadvantages, to the current trend of diversification. From the perspective of subject relationship, education competition plays a positive role in stimulating education vitality and improving education efficiency, but the phenomenon of pathological competition and the atmosphere of advocating competition also lead to the existence of “lonely citizens” and “false citizens”. ‘lonely citizens’ means people who want to be an winner must abandon something valued which leads to loneness to a greater extent. ‘ false citizens’ always describes a group of people who want to be/have become successful by unjustified means.

     Under the competitive education mechanism, families need to compete with others for helping their children obtain better education resources. Schools need to compete with others for better students’ resources. Teachers have to compete with other teachers in order to promote the title or other incentives. Students are always on the way to extracurricular classes from an early age who are told that you can’t lose at the starting line, tired but only mechanically forward. Even though there is an opportunity to travel occasionally, students are often run with the task of study. In such an environment, it is necessary to fight for more resources which leads to the relationship between people is featured as competition, confrontation and fear. Therefore, the lonely public created by pathological competition is only a manifestation of the direct consequence. The more serious consequence lies in the resulting communication estrangement and public indifference, as well as the individual’s lack of responsibility for others and public affairs.The pathological competition cycle formed between education competition and social competition is the pain in the marrow of today’s society

   In conclusion, we have to admit the advantages and disadvantages of competition in educational area. Meanwhile, the effects of educational competition on different subjects should be payed enough attention.


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