Online Appraisals That Results From Competition

In Church and Thambusamy’s article “Competition and Information Deception in Online Social Network” talks about how common it is for people to be deceptive about their personal information on online social networks and how this relates to competition. This misrepresentation can cause inaccurate reflection of that said person as it may show the wrong circles and groups that they belong to. On these OSN, online social network, a sense of competition is formed.

What’s been evaluated from these OSN users is that the desire for online competition are influenced from the appraisals of statuses and benefits. As social network sites are becoming a daily facet in most people’s lives, competition is transitioning into the larger part of our days as its becoming a factor all around us. However, the desire for online competition can be linked back to the emotional reaction factor in Bagozzi’s framework. Individuals experience valence between themselves and what they see as success of other network users and this is where online competitive desires manifest from.

The initial appraisal form is that whether they’re situation will achieve a set goal for them. The result from this creates a basis for certain desires. Finally, these desires become intentions towards behaviours that are linked with positive experiences or coping mechanisms to deal with negative experiences. Bagozzi’s framework outlines a process that has three steps that’s based around attitude, desire and intentions. The first step is competitive social norms that’s included as an appraisal factor, then perceived status benefits as an appraisal factor and finally hedonic benefits as an appraisal factor.

The reason for online competition according to Church and Thambusamy is that competitive norms is regarded through a community if it is normalized and praised. Society normalizes and celebrates the idea of competition which is evident in the way that we were raised and based on the environment around us with sports and education. To counteract this normalization, Bateson says that “individualism is often used as a justification for competition instead of cooperation.” With competition so regular in our daily lives Church and Thambusamy found that the appraisal factor doesn’t affect online competition as much as status and hedonistic benefits.

Throughout the year, we have come across various authors and writers like Bateson, Nelson and Dawson, Hutcheon, to name a few. But what all these writers have in common with Church and Thambusamy is that a common theme within competition was discovered and they were able to do this within a large discourse community

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