(Secret form) of competition on social media– always negative?

Competition is ubiquitous as we shall know– one thing that becomes more and more prevalent in this modern era is ‘social media’.  In this research, it shows that the competition infiltrates in users’ behavior and personality towards their usage reflecting on their self presentation in social media and selfie– an image of oneself taken by oneself (Bennett, 2014.) that could also imply as the form of competition. It shows by self presentation; the attempt to control images of oneself through selective self-disclosure before real or imagined audiences (Goffman, 1956). Unsurprisingly, the usage of social media negatively reflect on esteem and relationship satisfaction based on the action (eg. attention such as likes and comments) in the application. I found this research quite inaccurate where the research only conduct online in the certain part of the US; it concludes that people tend to post their selfie only on snapchat while another countries like Thailand doesnt.  According to the statista website, it shows that in the year of 2017, instagram users (72%) has a larger number than snapchat (does not show in the charge due to the very less reputation). 

From my perspective, this research focuses more on the negative side in competition and the usage of social media. The users are so concerned with self-presentation in social media that it might ‘shift’ their real personality and appearance from the reality. They tend to compete on showing off how fancy their lifestyle and routine is in order to feel ‘dominant’ than others. Because of this behavior, from my past experience, some of my instagrammer friends change their lifestyle (like going to places they don’t like but they are requested to) in order to please their followers. I can totally say that social media enormously affect our personal life. The photos and information we post in the social media is not 100% reliable and consent. Some of those are “Artificial” and “Flavoured”. Moreover, according to psychological research on Computers in Human Behavior on December 10, 2016, it states that the social media affect not only our lifestyle but also on the mentality. People secretly compete in social medias on getting attention like likes and comments; some negative comments and criticism could lead to depression and the worst case is committing suicide. What we want people on social media to see is only superficial part of the life– we compete to show off that we are good when we are not.

However, regardless of the competition in social media, the benefits of social media does exist. Social media is the platform for people to share their small happiness in life like your daughter’s first step, your first piano lesson, your graduation days etc. Besides, keeping other users updated, this platform is long lasting and keepable. Social media narrows the world and keep people connected in terms of better communication and information.  It also introduces us to new career like youtubers, bloggers and foodie reviewers which wider the opportunity for everyone to work online and offline, as well as the trends like ‘selfie’– it contributes to the invention like ‘selfie sticks’ or a ‘go-pro’ (portable selfie camera) to become famous and make money out of it that could also link to the economic growth as well.

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three person holding smartphones
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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