Trusting By Political Ideas

In Ryan E. Carlin and Gregory J Love’s article ”Political Competition, Partisanship and Interpersonal Trust in Electoral Democracies” they discuss the trust between people who have different political ideas. In my perspective, this article was engaging in some ways, but it was also slightly tedious than my expectations.

What I find quite interesting about this article is that they mention people are guessing the other people to understand or identify the persons’ political identity so that they can trust that person by their political opinion or judgement. To better understand the statement, the article gives an example to understand the situation better. For example, we would expect Republicans to employ simple heuristics – such as ‘Republicans are trustworthy so if a stranger is a Republican that person can be trusted’ and ‘Democrats are not trustworthy so if a stranger is a Democrat that a person cannot be trusted’–to navigate low-information trust decisions (Ryan E. Carlin and Gregory J. Love. 22 January 2016. Political Competition, Partisanship and Interpersonal Trust in Electoral Democracies. pg 119). The reason why I found interesting about this part of the article is that we as humans are trying to decide which people we can trust by people’s political opinions, which is I found this situation abnormal because, in my opinion, we should not decide the trustworthy of people by political ideas.

This article is mostly base on the part of people’s daily decision making to trust a person. When we try to decide the person’s trust, we mostly rely on people’s political views so that people can trust each other with the same ideology easily and we use this almost every day in our life. That is why in my perspective this article is essential to read.

In conclusion, Carlin and Love’s article was interesting, because of the people’s political views decides who should we trust, and it became our part of the decision making in our daily life.



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  1. Hi, I like your reading response. I was just wondering what you think about defining people by their political ideas? Because you state that people and your relationship should not be judged according to their political views, but aren’t political views a reflection of a person and thus help judge the person? An extreme example: Should an illegal immigrant trust someone who voted for Trump?


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