Relationship Between Competition and Our Health

As a company, when one person feels the need to do their best and to compete in their own field, then as a whole, they will constantly be working at their maximal and benefit their company. To be able to stay at a rate that is efficient for the company to keep growing, more and more stress and competition will be built up not only within the company itself but also on the market that the company is a part of.
But when we think about competition, rarely do we think about how it affects us mentally or physically. Maybe something that comes to mind would be things such that we know we are much more focused during competition, and that suddenly we can feel the adrenaline rushing through our body. In the research experiment by Buckert et al. they studied the physical effects that competition has on our body.
In the introduction, Buckert et al. talk about the consequences of competition, being that they can deteriorate well being and that they can decrease performance. Which is also how competition could work in education, something that we have mentioned during a class (P04) discussion, if we know we’re not going to do well then what’s the point of doing it? We might as well just not try.
In the experiments conducted by Buckert et al., it was observed that more men chose to participate in harder competitions. Would this have to do with face? Or more specifically masculinity? If you are presented with a choice to do something easier or harder, you would want to prove that you can do better than most people so you choose to do something hard. Which I feel probably ties into masculinity.
Throughout the experiment, the results showed patterns of increased blood pressure, stress, anxiety, cortisol levels, testosterone levels, etc. Also that there were greater overall reactions in male participant’s bodies. This makes me wonder if physical changes have links to how much individuals are willing to participate in competition.
This links back to a topic of whether males competed more. And as concluded from a discussion during class (P04), there is more than one aspect when looking at competition from an individual’s point of view. We need take into account background, upbringing, etc. Therefore, I personally think that males compete more. However, this is only because they have been conditioned to do so. I believe many women can remember being told to how to act like a young lady when they since a young age. As females, we tend to have not been conditioned to be as competitive as males as it was not encouraged.
The results gathered by Buckert et al. leads to much further research, one of which I feel should be is there a point where there is a maximal point that competition should reach? If the increase of competition means the increase in anxiety and stress, then should we be worried about how much of this stress we are actually able to handle? It is not foreign to see people even take their own life because of competition and stress that they feel they can’t control. Would there then be a way where we are able to know the limits of competition we can handle?
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