Always the Winner

Due to the inevitable competition in the business realm, one is always trying to stifle the success of its opponent. Throughout this study, it is demonstrated that no matter how much more cooperation can achieve opposed to competition, business people will instinctively choose to compete.

The study shows that people are willing to do just about anything to be the winner. People are willing to sacrifice their ethics such as lying and playing tricks, an attempt to deceive the opponent. It is demonstrated that it is the nature of mankind to just win, even just by the slightest bit. This study accurately represents this because if the two teams were willing to cooperate and trust each other, one of the teams would actually be able to receive the highest possible score in the game. Instead, none of the teams were willing to give in to actually cooperate, resulting in the winning team barely beating the opposition team. Ironically beating the opponent made the winning team very excited, representing that the mentality of competition has been ingrained into us.

This study is similar to the Nelson and Dawson’s article on Competition of Education in terms that they both demonstrate mankind’s instinct to compete. If we grow up competing is it not what we are trained to do as we become businessmen? We are so bought into the idea of competing that leaving it is hard, despite the numerous benefits that come along. Cooperation has been shown in both studies, that it is a more effective way and also can lead to more success. We refuse it because we psychologically we like things to stay the same.

Competition in terms of cooperation is like you refuse to take a used old iPhone from your mom and demand the newest one. If you cooperate, you most likely will receive an iPhone and you also save your mom money that could possibly go towards accessories. Instead, you demand a new iPhone, so your mom gets mad and doesn’t give you anything. As an individual, you will not settle for anything less cause you want to have a better phone than all of your peers to seem cool.

Even as formal and prestigious being a businessman sounds, it is almost impossible to escape the instinctive to constantly compete against your opponents. Despite it may seem right to change, people will always stick to their natural instinct when put on the spot, which is to compete.

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