Educational Competition Is Needed, But At What Costs

Competition is needed in education as it motivates students to become better. Students are encouraged to learn more then what is required in order to be beyond the norm and the regular student. In today’s society, employers aren’t trying to look for students that are mediocre and just fit in the crowd, but rather they are trying to find students who stand out and have different talents and traits. Employers are now using various methods to weed out the average students and find those standouts that can function efficiently in various scenarios. [1]

Students that standout don’t just appear out of nowhere, but rather they are created, in a sense, from competition in education. These students found ways to achieve success in irregular ways. This could be by different study behaviors and learning habits that differentiated them from the rest of the students.[2] These students understood how to adapt to their strengths and weakness and become the best student that they can. In our competitive nature, we simply want to become the best in whatever challenge is ahead of us and overcome any obstacles that would prevent us from doing so.

Educational competition only happens because we, the students, want to have the best jobs that are available. And in order to have the best job, we need to become students that are grouped with the average ones, but rather become a student that employers notice and want. This is born from the misconception that we would be happiest at the job that pays the most. [3]

In the previous generations, people started to understand that they would rather be happy then miserable. Our career will define our life from the day we graduate university until the day that we retire. As this is the majority of our life, wouldn’t we rather be happy and comfortable rather than being miserable but rich? This is still an issue that is noticeable in society today as there are a lot of people who are unhappy with their career decision [4]. These people are usually the ones who succeeded in the educational competition and made themselves noticeable from jobs that they initially thought they would be happy at because it brought home the paycheck.

This is how the two-sided sword of educational competition could become dangerous. We would be so caught up in competitive side of education that we lose track of what really is important to us[5]. When all our focus is set on becoming the best and at the very top, we cause further strife in our lives and lose the real meaning of what life is. Rather than appreciating the things around us, we put ourselves in an endless loop of making money that we will spend and lose the grasp of reality changing around us.[6]

Educational competition is needed as it makes us become better students, which in turns makes us better people because the things we learned in school carry on in the rest of our life. However we mustn’t lose focus of what’s really important because we’ve inputted all the focus we have into becoming the best.







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