Friends or Enemies?

The article-“The psychology of competition:A social comparison perspective“, was written by Garcia et al, the journal focus on the factors of social comparison and competitiveness includes individual factors and situational factors.


The individual factors include relevance, similarity, and closeness. The article describes that when you compete with someone who is close to you, this sense of competition will be more intense than the competition you have with a stranger, but I don’t agree with this view, I think When a relationship comes to a stage where competition is needed, then the relationship does not need to exist. Although some competition is inevitable, the close person should be the one who encourages you and supports you, but not to compete. For example, you and your girlfriend are studying in the same school. You need to compete for the position of a squad leader at the same time. At this time, you may not be willing to talk to the other party, and you are not willing to share useful information, but your competition will be The relationship after you becomes very embarrassing, so at this time you should choose to discuss with your girlfriend about how to write a contest and encourage each other.


The other part is situational factors which include incentive structures, social category fault lines and number of competitors. Writer argues that the social category fault lines may initially look like a relationship factor because they relate to the actors’ perceptions of their relationship to the target, while social category membership varies from person to person. From the previous article we’ve seen, I do not think human should be divided into groups like males & females for competition, they need each other in real society. I cannot deny that competition brings benefits such as motivation for people, but serious degree of competitions will lead to social instability.


Psychology is an illusory existence for me, although many psychologists have collected different examples to try to understand human behaviours, each person’s psychology changes because of personal experience and the environment. This article helps us to learn more about psychology of competition, but when we apply it to real world situation, we need to consider all factors.


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