“The exhaustion of the fittest”

Vicente Calvo


In the research article, extracted from the academic journal: Anthropology Today, titled: Cooperation and competition in social anthropology, we can find a variety of studies and “big words” just to lead us to the same point and state it over, and over again. This research article starts by giving out some definitions and “inserting” some very complex words. It then proceeds to giving us examples of competition and cooperation in three different cases: Hunter-gatherers, Tribes and their economy, and Peasants and the economy. After all the information given, that I need to remark mainly because we can see about five to ten studies used just to give examples, all the authors come out with a conclusion that can be simplified as: cooperation and competition coexists in all societies known to mankind. That’s right, 5030 words (yes, I counted them) just to reach a conclusion that, honestly, any human being with education should know, and not because they learned it, but because is common sense.

So yes, I was kind of annoyed after reading this article cause it felt like a repetition of big and “flashy” words just to get to a point that could have been demonstrated in a way shorter text. I can understand that some terms that I don´t understand are used, because after all, this is an article from an Anthropology Journal, but even for an anthropologist or an anthropology student, this article is written in a very “poor way”, not in the sense of the article having grammar or spelling errors, but in the sense of overcomplicating/overexplaining the points made by the authors. circle-311551_960_720I need to have in mind that this article wasn’t intended for me, and I mean it in an audience matter, because to be honest, I couldn’t understand 50% of the text, and in the third page I was falling asleep (I am not exaggerating). Something that needs to be recognised, is the research and work behind this article, because it isn’t easy to write 5030 words without an exhaustive research behind.

I will not summarize the whole text, cause I think I did a great job in the first paragraph (you are welcome I just saved you 15 minutes of your life), but what I will say is that, if it wasn’t clear yet, I didn’t like this text, and it isn’t because of the topic that doesn’t call my attention, but because it became repetitive and a lot of information could have been omitted. I don´t know if we can rate texts, but I will either way. This article gets a solid 2/10 from my part, and those two points were given just for the research behind this text.



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