Reading Response: Rhetoric and Competition by Linda Hutcheon



Rhetoric and Competition was written in 2003 by Linda Hutcheon, a university professor at the Univerity of Toronto. I personally found this article interesting, understandable and well organized. In the article, Hutcheon focuses on problems in the competition in the current day academy.

 Hutcheon describes our current academy as a ‘wolfish’ which means the learning places are not for learning, it is a place for competing and surpassing other people to benefit ourselves.  Hutcheon also mentions the present reward system in the academy. According to the Hutcheon, this system values and pushes the students to study in solo.


In my opinion, the both articles were a little hard to understand but if we compare Hutcheon’s article and Werron’s article (Why Do We Believe Competition), I personally found Hutcheon’s article induced my curiosity more than Werron’s. There are 2 reasons why Hutcheon’s article is better than Werron’s. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Hutcheon’s article is easy to understand to think and give opinions about the article. Hutcheon’s article is written for the public and it gives examples of students’ academy; so it is not difficult to imagine what Hutcheon wants to tell. However, Werron’s article is hard to understand and his article is, I guess, written for researchers. Werron’s article was too long and too many scientific examples to make people who were not in the research understand. The other reason is when I was reading Werron’s research paper I had to reread the previous pages of the article to understand the whole page, which it made me difficult to understand and to read the paper, because you have to know some basic information to understand some concepts in the article. Unlike Werron’s  Hutcheon’s article is in the order and easy to follow for those who do not have primary knowledge and interest in competition.




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