Reading Response-Rhetoric and Competition by Linda Hutcheon

This reading response is illustrating some differences and comparisons between three articles——The Myths of independence and competition by Mary Catherine Bateson, Why do we believe in competition by Tobias Werron and Rhetoric and Competition written by Linda Hutcheon, which are all doing concentrative analysis on competition but through different aspects.

Firstly I’d like to give a brief introductuon of what these three articles are talking about and focused on respectively. For Bateson’ article it is mainly concerned about “Interdependence” . The author wanted audiences get to know that corporation is very important to achieve any goals, humans should think systematically and work together as a team. With the development of technology the living system has turned into a larger scale. Though there could be some problems or complicts when people get to work collaboratively, interdependence is quiet significant because there are no individuals actually. And for the article wirtten by Werron, it provides a clear development history of competition and confirmed that competition is a social form, a basic type of interaction. In the beginning competition only occurred in the economic field and then expanded widely to variety of social fields. During competitions people compete for different goals, always sacrifice resources. That could activate the innovation and development to some extent to make a better society. The article argued that always doing researches and keeping on exploring to get more applicable and appropriate way to compete.Then for Rhetoric and Competition by Linda Hutcheon, it gave a current situation for competition at first, which is fairly wolfish and full of enmity, scorn, combat. People are always very willing to follow someone with great verbal ability that attack other speakers’ thoughts and they prefer to give some invective and belittling talk or actions. This unhealthy ways and customs will lead bad results that some sense would be missing and singular, in other words could be complicitous, might be left which could be wrong or misleading. Counter-discourse is needed, to get a complementary and inclusive conclusion, not only can gather many thoughts together but also debate providing by appropriate competition could make some progression.

And then the narration modes of those articles are different. For the Werron’s the article is constructed in a strict and clear management, with brief introduction and intelligible subheadings. In contrast, the Bateson and Hutcheon are in the first-person narration and just keep going on without separating the artcles into several parts. And due to first-person perspective there could be some subjective arguments given by the authors. They wanted to make the audiences agree with their arguments and do what they think is good for the society while Werron’s article just to give information about the definition and development of competition and let audiences know that is always important. Also I noticed that many rhetoric questions in narration of the Hutcheon’s, which is related to its topic, occurred in lots places in the article. That can provide some activation for audiences to think, give their own and singular thoughts.

For the evidences citated due to first-person perspective in the Bateson and the Hutcheon both the authors use their personal evidences to support their arguments.In Bateson’s article it mentioned that walking disability had made the author more dependent upon others, showing that interdependencies is necessary although that might be difficult to accept.And in the Hutcheon’s the evidence in life was attending lectures in university. People are always bound up in proving the speaker’s argument is wrong with aggressive attacks to and try to demolish it entirely. Evidences in Werron’s article mainly focused on the history which are very formal and convincible. And I found that in the Hutchison’s article there is some analysis for the evidences chosen, pointing out some disagreements and rephrase to achieve a more considerable status, and then used other citations to prove the argument is well-founded.

In conclusion, competition which has long history and is really significant in social life is needed, that will give activation which could lead to progression. Getting appropriate way of competition, with cooperation and less conflicts.Anyone can give out his own thoughts to make the work better. We should always seek for more efficient way of doing works.


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